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It is easier than you can imagine. After registration, at a free trial lesson you will get a language test in order to determine your level. Having passed this test, you will get the result and suggestions for improving your level of English.

After registration, you will get access to the function “Buy a course”. To buy a course, please, press “Courses” in your User Account and choose the service package you want to buy. The payment is made via the Liqpay system. You can pay monthly or per each lesson. The price depends on the chosen service pakage. We work only with 100% advance payment.

The lesson is conducted in a virtual class. Having access to your class, you will be able to look through and to download/upload tasks, add words to your Dictionary during the lesson and after it.

It is an online system of education which is adapted for studying the English language. It is based on our experience of teaching English; however, it is made for conducting lessons online. You will get the access to this virtual class during your first lesson.

In order to take a free trial lesson, please, sign up on the site. Press “Register”, choose the date and time of the free trial lesson. Our administrator will contact you afterwards.

Everything depends on the level of knowledge, on the course you start and your goal. If you study twice a week, the course will last from 5 up to 7 months.

Our teachers carefully select the best material for studying. You will use new British editions. The book can be purchased prior to the course on our site or by contacting the administrator.

YOLO-Study focuses on the communicative approach. A greater part of the lesson is devoted to communication. The lesson is held in English, so you have an opportunity to learn a language while speaking on different topics and role-playing. During the lesson we concentrate on grammar and listening as well. At the end of each lesson, you will get your homework, which will contribute to better assimilation of the material. The viability of doing homework is discussed with the teacher individually. The advantage of studying English online is that classes can be held at a convenient time for you.

Yes, after completing the course you will receive a certificate, confirming completion of the course. The certificate is given after taking an exam and the result higher than 50%.

Online studying is the next step in the field of education. Our teachers are dedicated professionals who have developed effective online-courses for learning English at all levels. Hurry up and join the English speaking community of successful people!

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