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Англійська для ЗНО

The whole course of insurance is not for the promotion of the English language, but for the help itself at the preparatory office before ZNO. We ask for the necessary information, recommendations and materials for successful preparation before testing. How practical is the procedure for carrying out the test of that particularity?

Why is it important to put ZNO on a high ball?

Chance to enter before the most beautiful VNZ

Possibility can be found at the first-class universities of Ukraine at the same time with the intellectual power of our state.

Participation in international exchange programs

Popular programs for the exchange of students from Europe and Pivnichniy Ameritsi will give you the best results for those who are the best in the world.

Pushing start of the professional car'ri

I think that our diploma is not required for our hour. It's not true. Diploma of the prestigious university є as a good sign of quality for robot teachers.

Economy of costs when entering a budget

Investors in preparation for ZNO, and you will get a great economy of pennies for 4-5 years of income on the budget

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