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Olga Tomilova

Brief biography and skills:

I am an english teacher with more than 10 years of experience in teaching. i teach english language to adults and i do all levels. besides, i have worked with quite a wide range of specializations - english for information technology professionals, medical employees, oil and gas specialists, creative professionals and business people. currently my main job is a project manager in an international company and teaching is a side business that i greatly enjoy. i believe that having a good command of english can get you a better job, make you prepared for life opportunities and improve your life quality whoever you are and whatever you do. i can help you achieve your goals.

Courses that are taught:
Пробне заняття
English for IT2
English for IT
English for teens
English for Negotiating
English for Restaurant and Catering
English for Marketing and Advertising
English for Emails
English for Meetings
English for Business
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